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The Moral Hangover Podcast X The Advice Column by Dear Diary

The Advice Column by Dear Diary shares top-notch post-grad advice from two of my favorite podcasters, the creators of The Moral Hangover Podcast. Learn more about how these two post-grads conquered their "Sunday Scaries" and started a podcast.

Podcasts have become one of the most popular avenues for content creators to share their content over the past year. That being said, creating and running a successful podcast with loyal listeners is a commitment and a skill to which most post-grads would say, “who has time for that?” The creators of The Moral Hangover Podcast, @katie_dombrowski and @vicbruno_, have not only made the time to make a #thriving podcast, but they are simultaneously mastering the craft (while accumulating thousands of followers along the way). On top of their success as podcasters, they are both recent post-grads navigating life after college in the "real" world. So, who better to give us all some advice?

DD: Introduce yourself, what you studied in college, and what you do now for our Dear Diary readers.

“Hi! We’re Katie Dombrowski and Victoria Bruno and we are the creators of The Moral Hangover Podcast.”

KD: “I studied Marketing with a concentration in Insight Selling at the University of Dayton. By day, I work in corporate America and by night I host The Moral Hangover Podcast.”

VB: “I studied Media Studies and Production with a concentration on Media Business at Temple University. Go Owls! I’m currently working full-time in television, and I am the producer (some may say co-host) of The Moral Hangover Podcast!”

DD: What has your post-grad journey been like for you both?

KD: “Post-grad was a harder transition than I was expecting. I struggled with the shift tremendously and underestimated how hard it is to start a job without knowing anyone. For me, having friends at work is a factor that makes it more enjoyable and I found to make friendships at work you have to put yourself out there and take the initiative. Additionally, I searched hard to find my passions outside of work to give me an outlet to express myself and connect with others.”

VB: “It’s been a learning curve, especially since now I’ve spent more time dealing with the post-grad pandemic world versus the 'normal' real world. After graduation, I decided to move alone into a studio apartment and move away from home. For me, I struggled the most with learning to enjoy being alone with myself. I love my friends and (I) am grateful that I’m surrounded by so many supportive people, but the second I was alone I would panic. Although I was near many of my friends in Philly, it’s not the same or as 'easy' as being at college. Now I’m back at home, and I’m continuously learning how to focus more on myself and truly doing things that make me happy!”

DD: What inspired you to create your podcast @themoralhangoverpodcast?

KD: “I had always wanted to work in entertainment and I had the idea my senior year of college when I saw other female podcasts taking off, I said to myself I can do this. It came to fruition when I met Vic and we made it turn into what it is today. We met through a mutual friend and then ended up working at the same company and became friends. Her background in production from Temple Talk and overall eye for detail made her perfect to collaborate on this project. We have aligned goals and it’s the reason we have been able to grow this into what it is today.”

DD: The Moral Hangover Podcast has had incredible guests from Tik Tok influencers to contestants from The Bachelor franchise, what is the best advice you would share with any young entrepreneur wanting to connect with individuals with a larger following/audience than themself?

KD: “Biggest piece of advice I can give is (that) consistency and hard work will pay off. There (are) days where you're exhausted and have nothing left in you or you don’t know if you’re having an impact but you have to keep going. The only thing holding you back is yourself. To get these levels of guests, you have to pitch yourself either via Instagram DM or Email. Meet them where they are at so if that means reaching out on Tik Tok or commenting on a post to get their attention it’s what you have to do.”

VB: “Exactly what Katie said! Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to people! It can be so intimidating, but everyone we’ve talked to has been so warm, welcoming, and has taught us so much.”

DD: What have been some of your favorite moments so far on The Moral Hangover Podcast?

KD: “I don’t have a favorite moment, in particular, I’m just so proud of the guests we have been able to chat with. A year ago, I was miserable and unsure where my life was going and now I can say I’ve interviewed huge names. I’m just so grateful to do something I love.”

VB: “So many favorite moments!! I’d say meeting guests that I have admired and looked up on social media and when we got invited to Dani Maiale’s influencer event. We met so many powerful females in the industry, and I left there feeling so empowered and inspired!”

DD: What is your best piece of advice for post-grads combating their Sunday Scaries (other than listening to your podcast)?

KD: “Putting yourself out there. My Sunday Scaries were creating new friendships and advancing in my career. OH, and finding a boyfriend lmao. Join clubs you wouldn’t normally and ask people to get lunch or coffee at work to connect with others. It’s scary and nerve-wracking but it's worth it. Even with dating, I had broken up with someone and (I) tried to go on dates to put myself out there to see what I want in someone. (I) haven’t found it yet but it’s taught me a lot about myself and what I want in life.”

VB: “My Sunday Scaries are 100% all about dreading the week ahead and feeling like CRAP! My advice is self-care! Mentally and physically it’s a day for you to recharge so do what makes you happy and feels good.”

DD: How do you see @themoralhangoverpodcast expanding in the years to come?

KD: “I’d love to see it evolve into an overall brand similar to Skinny Girl by Bethenny Frankel or The Skimm. A podcast would always be a piece of it but expanding through workshops, speaking at events, creating a book, curating merch, and overall a one-stop place for millennial women. I mean a TV show wouldn’t hurt either haha.”

DD: Now for our final question of each interview, what now?

KD: “As of right now, stepping it up on my end and using this time of the pandemic to push the podcast forward. And of course, pitching ourselves to networks to get signed.”

VB: “Manifesting all of what Katie said!!!”



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