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The DD Story

Your favorite TV shows, books, and movies coin your 20s as "the best years of your life," but they can also be treacherous, heartbreaking, and f*cking impossible to navigate alone. 


The great news? You aren't alone. What started as a response to graduating in 2020, @madirez set out to create a space for fellow twenty-somethings online and on social media. She started journaling about her own experiences and having conversations with her friends, leading her to create Dear Diary XO and @letterstodeardiary on Instagram.

What started in 2020 as interviewing fellow 20-somethings inspired Madi to share her stories as a normal-ish 20-something-year-old girl. Although she does not have all the answers, she's excited to figure out her 20s alongside you, with some bad a** guests and interviews along the way. 



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