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How to Love Valentine's Day in Any Era

You don't need to be in a relationship to look forward to February 14th. As someone who has spent Valentine's day happy, sad, in love, heartbroken, and everywhere in between, founder of DD, @madirez, shares her guide to a happy love day regardless of any era you may find yourself in.

Whether Valentine's Day is your least favorite calendar holiday or a pink and red explosion of happiness during your dreary February, I have learned that despite your relationship status or relationship with the 14th of February, you can still have a good, maybe even great, day. Like clockwork, Valentine's Day happens every year, and you will be left asking your friends, family, or significant other, what are we doing to celebrate? So I came up with a few ways to enjoy V-day that apply to any era because guess what? Although the heart-filled holiday is traditionally reserved for people heart-eyed and in love, whether you are single and loving V-Day or in a relationship and dreading the cheesy traditions, you can make it your own with these five steps.

Throwback to When You Were a Kid

Regardless of if your love language is expensive gift-giving or baking cookies from scratch, showing love to others will, without a doubt, drag you out of any Valentine's Day blues or make your holiday even sweeter. One of my favorite things on Valentine's Day is giving my friends Valentines. Remember when you were younger? That was the basis of the holiday in school. Every kid in the class would bring in Valentines for each other. Not only will giving out adult Valentines make you feel good, but it will also leave your loved ones feeling special. Because at the end of the day, although it is supposed to be a holiday full of love, it can also be lonely. So bring back an old tradition into your life, and don't exclude non-romantic relationships from the day of love. (Pro tip: virtual Starbucks gift cards are my favorite to send to people far away)

Self Love Never Disappoints

Setting expectations can ruin any holiday, especially when it comes to romantic and maybe even non-romantic relationships. Focusing on things you can control, and showing yourself love, can better set you up for success. Not sure if your situationship has something romantic planned? Plan your own night with friends. Regardless of if you are in a relationship or single, I can't recommend setting up something for yourself on Valentine's Day enough. It can be as fun as a trip to the nail salon while stopping for your favorite coffee or as simple as popping popcorn and throwing on a rom-com. Placing your happiness in the hands of others, especially in romantic relationships, can lead to hurt feelings. You set yourself up for success and happiness when you make plans for yourself, first and foremost.

Do What You Really Want to Do

Don't force yourself to be social or not just because that's what you think you should do to celebrate Valentine's Day. What I mean is, listen to your gut. If you're an introvert and know you will have more fun at home rather than going out to celebrate, do that. If you know that if you stay in that you'll be sad, make plans with friends. No one can tell you what you should do or want to do more than yourself. The holiday can be just as fun at home as it can be out. Just like it can be just as fun with a big group of friends, as well as one person, or simply spending it alone. Determining if you'd rather be social or at home is the best way to set yourself up for a great night. And don't let your friends, or worse, pressure you into a plan you might not want, or worse, social media.

Social Media Is Fake

Valentine's Day is an important day to remind yourself that social media is not an accurate representation of anyone's love life. It's a curated highlight real. Just because you feel like everyone posts with a significant other doesn't mean all those relationships are happy and perfect, just like their sappy captions. Does everyone seem to have fun plans? Guess what? They may wish they were at home. Try to stay present, enjoy the people you are with or yourself, and don't compare your Valentine's Day plans, company, or gifts to anyone else. That isn't what the day is about, and when you get back to the point of the holiday, love, you feel more grateful. (I have had equally fun Valentine's Days single with my girlfriends at a bar and home with my boyfriend with a home-cooked meal.)

Don’t Otherthink It: It’s One Day.

Thankfully, like most holidays, Valentine's Day is only one day. So don't overthink your plans. It's not worth it to stress yourself out with having the perfect plans for your partner, friends, or your timeline. It's better to have an imperfect day and enjoy yourself. And guess what? If you don't, that's okay too. Valentine's Day candy is always on sale on February 15th.



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