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Convo Corner: No. 11

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Need some inspiration for starting your own side hustle or even your own small business? This week's Conversation Corner interviews the owner of @onethreadd, who also happens to be a recent post-grad.

The coolest part of Dear Diary for me has been seeing what other post-grads have been up to over this past year. I love seeing people take their passions and/or favorite past-times and turn them into an Instagram account, and for many of my friends, even a small business. Although 2020 has produced many negatives, time for creativity is a huge positive. This week's interviewee and I go way back, there's literally a picture of us together at my Sweet Sixteen on my Instagram (I felt old after seeing that one). Additionally, she is the owner of @onethreadd aka the company who made our "what day is it?" sweatshirts. Above all of that, @jswahl is also one of the kindest people I know from high school and she is having an incredible year for her career and her brand. So, talking to her about her past year for a Dear Diary Conversation Corner was a must.

As our constant disclaimer, the Conversation Corner has one rule: it will always be real. No B.S., because quite frankly there is enough of that already on the internet. 

So here we go...

DD: Quote you live by?

JS:I never really lived by a quote. There are so many quotes I admire, but I would say I live by my past experiences. I live by the people I surround myself with, good people, and positive energy. My quote for One Thread is 'one of a kind, just like you' and I truly believe that. We’re all unique in our own way.

DD: You are so busy, running One Thread and as a new hire, how do you balance it all?

JS:Lots of coffee. LOL! Managing both has definitely been a challenge. I work full-time, Mon-Fri, and I work on fulfilling my orders after work hours. Some days I just want to sign off, lay in bed, and put on a good Netflix show, but having my own brand has energized me to keep going and keep creating.

DD: What made you decide to make the big jump with One Thread and just go for it?

JS:It’s really funny, I never learned how to embroider or even how to work an embroidery machine. When I was 11, I learned to sew from a family friend, so I always had that skill in my back pocket. I’ll never forget when the idea for One Thread sparked. I found old string from when I was younger and used to make friendship bracelets. So, I decided to stitch a saying on a tank. My first order was for a dear friend. I used just 'one thread' to create it and since then the name stuck on and orders started flooding in.

DD: Why is it so important to keep pursuing your dreams even when you're busy?

JS:Because your dreams are your passion. They help you set goals for yourself.

DD: Where do you get motivation from?

JS:My motivation comes from my customers. Hearing the feedback and seeing people share my work on their social media motivates me to keep creating.

DD: What would you tell your younger self?

JS:You never know what life will throw at you. Never in a million years did I think I would be embroidering clothing or even bigger (than that), having my own brand. If it wasn’t for this global pandemic I honestly do not think One Thread would exist. So in a way, this global pandemic was positive for me. It allowed me to use my creativity in a way I never imagined.

DD: Now for our final question of each interview, what now?

JS:There are so many amazing things coming with One Thread. I have so many ideas on what to create next, this is only the beginning.


I love this conversation for so many reasons, but especially because of how I felt after reading it. Sometimes I feel like I am just going through the motions of my day and I start asking, why? Why am I working so hard? What does this all add up to?

I think @jswahl would agree with me when I say that my 'younger self' is always a motivating factor when I start asking, why?

It may sound corny, but you have to manifest things in your life by staying positive, moving forward, and staying motivated (whatever that motivation may be for you).

For me, my motivation is doing things that my 'younger self' would be proud of. So, my challenge for you is to start to think about why you're working so hard and to figure out where your motivation comes from because when you're tired or want to give up, it'll keep moving you forward.


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