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How to Add Fall 2021 Trends into Your Wardrobe

As Fashion Week comes to a close and MET Gala behind us, fall is no longer on the horizon; it is here. Let @rebmessinger, Sr. Fashion Contributor, guide you through the must-have trends for this fall, and @madirez present options for how to add the trends into all us non-celebrities and influencer's wardrobes.

This season, we are bringing you all a trend report with a twist. It is always fun to see the latest trends on the runway and celebrities, but who can actually go out and buy those same pieces? So, today we are showing you fall trends and options that you can purchase IRL (in real life). We could not link items from fast fashion brands and sites in good consciousness, so we are focusing on pieces that will transcend time in your closet but still won't break the bank.

Our first trend for this season is the color green, which has bled into fall from the spring and summer months. Vests are a style that is here for the long haul, and they are something you can find at a thrift store in a fun oversized green hue. If you are looking to purchase a new vest, this one from Aritzia is a well-priced piece that will hold up in your closet for the seasons to come for under $75.

Menswear for all is one of our favorite trends of the season. It has been here for a minute or at least since blazers infiltrated the summer months. Restructured, oversized, fitted- you name it, it's on-trend. Although all of the trends in this article can be found at thrift stores- this is the best one to look for while out thrifting. You can even find pieces by designers like this Dior oversized blazer on Poshmark for under $100.

With the following recommendation, we will put you on to the best jean brand and a way to elevate your wardrobe. DD's founder, @madirez, has been wearing Good American jeans for the past couple of years and swears by them even at a more expensive price range. They are well made, comfortable, and size-inclusive, plus they stay up to date on the trends, like these split jeans. Yes, these are "trendy," but we could see them staying for the next couple of seasons to come as the cool sister between straight-leg and flared jeans.

Personality, chunky, colorful sweaters are so fun and so in this season. They are pretty easy to find online, and we found this super cute one on sale at Something Navy, which comes in multiple colors. Another fun option is thrifting for a fabulous 80s sweater or ordering a knitted one off of Etsy while supporting a small business at the same time.

We are obsessed with this trend- it is so fun but is either super expensive to find or made poorly. There's also the practicality aspect of it- how do you wash clothing with these feathers? This fashion find is the solution- detachable feather cuffs (genius). We found these on Etsy and are obsessed, but you can find them on other sellers or sites as well.

Okay- we love a vegan leather pant moment. These pants from Aritzia are great and still under $150. Many vegan leather pants are more expensive, and given the quality, they are an excellent piece to invest in because they even can be seen as business casual at work. If you are looking for a less expensive option, I have heard great things about the new Abercrombie vegan leather options (what year is it?), and they are incredibly size-inclusive (who would have thought).

This trend may be one of the most accessible trends in this article because you can find it anywhere and at any price range. We love classic collared shirts but restructured collared shirts are a close second. There are so many fantastic versions of the white collared shirt out this season, but we chose to highlight this one from Abercrombie. It's classic until you notice the drapey fabric that allows you to wear it from season to season.

DD's Sr. Fashion Contributor @rebmessinger is an @emrata stan and always wears her brand Inamorata beautifully. So for this trend, zebra, which we are seeing a ton of everywhere this season, we went with a strappy zebra heel from Inamorata's newest endeavor, shoes. They are fresh, fun, and pay tribute to the supermodels of the past.

You thought we'd leave you without a bag suggestion? As if! Okay, orange is in like it or not, and not just in a pumpkin spice latte way. The good news is, there are ways to add it into your closet and make it look good. This bag by JW PEI was everywhere on social media this summer, and we love it in orange for the new season.

Last but not least, get yourself a headscarf. We first saw this enter the equation this summer, and it is forecasted to stay into the colder months. This trend is fun to find at your local thrift shop or buy new like this one by Free People. You can also wear it multiple ways- who doesn't love versatility?


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