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Chase Your Dreams: The Advice Column by Dear Diary

Learn how the founder of CreativeJawns LLC turned her college hobby into a successful business that is now her full-time job. This boss babe is the perfect person to give post-grads advice on how to chase their dreams.

When I met @allieecohen on FaceTime (thanks COVID), I could automatically feel her positivity and passion for not only her business but also for life. She is the type of small business owner who works tirelessly to create premium content for her customers and followers, but I also know that she never complains. Why? Because she genuinely loves what she does.

That's the beauty of supporting a small business. When you support a small business, you are not only supporting a business but also someone's dream. I knew I had to interview @allieecohen and get the scoop on how she created a successful business and following on social media as a post-grad and how she stays positive through all of life's ups and downs. Is there any better way to kick off February? I think not!

DD: Introduce yourself, what you studied in college, and what you do now for our Dear Diary readers.

AC: “Hi! My name is Allie Cohen! I am a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. I studied communications in college, and now I run my small business full-time, @creativejawns.”

DD: What has your post-grad journey been like for you?

AC: “Post-grad has actually been super meaningful for me! When I graduated I wasn’t sure what direction I was going to go- If I was going to continue growing my business or do a standard 9-5 job. After a super successful summer, I decided to chase my dreams and continue doing this full-time. I feel super grateful to wake up every day and do what I love, and to continue seeing where this path will take me.”

DD: What inspired you to create @creativejawns?

AC: “I started my company, Creativejawns, during my junior year of college at The University of Pittsburgh. At the time, I was in charge of running all social media platforms for my sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, and fell in love with creating graphics. I began making custom designs such as phone and computer backgrounds for my friends and ultimately turned that passion into a business. Originally, the Creativejawns Instagram account was just an outlet for me to store my work as a portfolio. After a few weeks, the account took off and gained a large following and I received many messages from customers wanting to purchase my one-of-a-kind designs. Once that took off, I started creating dorm room decor, college products, and much more. The rest is history!”

DD: Career advice for creative entrepreneurs?



DD: Advice for anyone looking to grow their business or brand on social media?

AC: “Honestly, it's all about who you know and effectively getting the word out about your brand. Utilize Instagram and Instagram stories. Find people who are invested in what you do and have them promote you on socials in your early stages. Form close connections with customers. Be someone that makes the customer want to come back to your page/order more. BE AUTHENTIC!”

DD: How do you want to see @creativejawns grow in the next year?

AC: “As my business continues to grow, I am looking for the best ways to get my designs to customers so that they can fully utilize them most easily and cost-effectively. Redbubble enables customers to easily transfer the designs to a variety of mediums, including canvas, phone cases, and large posters. All of this with a simple click of the button and in an affordable way. I am looking forward to launching new products and designs for my customers and can’t wait to continue my work and expanding my Creativejawns business and work with new customers. I want to continue to grow and continue reaching new people!”

DD: What is the best piece of advice you would like to pass on to other post-grads?

AC: “It does not matter what you were told you’re supposed to do when growing up. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Find a way to make money while doing something you LOVE. You will be MISERABLE if you wake up and dread what you are doing every day. Make it something worthwhile. Don’t settle until your happy.”

DD: Now for our final question of each interview, what now?

AC: “Now I continue to grow my business, create more connections, launch new collaborations and products while chasing my dreams. Follow my journey and check out @creativejawns on Instagram to see what comes next!”



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