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20 Somethings to Watch in 2022

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Welcome to the 20 Somethings to Watch in 2022 List by DD. Only promoting yourself is so 2021. In the spirit of using social media and the internet for good again, we are looking back on 2021 and here are the accounts, platforms, and creative that are in their twenties too and absolutely killing it. I (@madirez) look up to all these individuals and you should too, because waking up everyday and knowing that we can all be the best is so 2022.


The Mayfair Group

The @themayfairgroup Instagram account is one that I have been following on my account long before DD was even an idea, and it has become one of the biggest inspirations behind the website, blog, and brand of Dear Diary XO. That all being said, Mayfair has evolved into so much more than amazing graphics, messaging, and mental health advocacy on Instagram as the brand continues to grow. Most recently, taking over the athleisure market by storm (you can't go a week without spotting a celebrity in Mayfair, spreading their positive messaging). The internet needs more spaces like Mayfair, and the brand's founder, @samabrahart, who is a 20 something, inspires me daily to push limits and reach new heights. I couldn't think of a better way to start this list than a company dedicated to using the internet for good again.


Since last year when I connected with @creativejawns founder @alliecohen, her business has blown up. Allie is a recent college grad whose creativity and graphics have become a massive part of the @letterstodeardiary brand (any cool collages you see are @creativejawns). When Allie is not making custom collages for her customers or hitting her followers with daily inspiration on IG and Tik Tok, she runs a full-time business. The @creativejawns brand has become a successful business that turns designs, collages, and graphics into any product you can think of, and we can't wait to see what 2022 has in store.

(Link to DD interview with CreativeJawns founder, Allie, here.)


The Chroma Network

Friend of DD and still one of our favorite interviews to date, @chromanetwork, founded by the incomparable Daneshé (@neeshtyler), shares advice "for the women who didn't just end up here," specifically WOC. That being said, the advice on the Chroma Network defies race and gender with content that can be found beneficial to any young adult paving their way. The platform recently came out with the Quarterly Goal-Setting Planner, which is on sale for intentional living. Grab one today and follow @thechromanetwork if you are not already.

(Link to DD interview with The Chroma Network founder, Neesh, here.)

This Blonde Means Business

Another friend of DD, founder of @thisblondemeansbusiness, Natasha (@natasha_filipov), shares powerful advice on her multi-faceted platform, including a podcast and blog. When she isn't breaking down traditionally taboo topics in the workplace and advice on her blog and podcast, you can find her content creation on Instagram and Tik Tok. Like her company's name states, this blonde does mean business and is coming for 2022.

(Link to piece by This Blonde Means Business founder, Tash, here.)

Pop Culture:

The Morning Toast

I became a toaster in 2020 during the pandemic, and almost two years later, I can't imagine a workday, especially from home, without the @themorningtoast girlies, @jackieoshry, and @girlwithnojob. Although they are some of the biggest names on this list, their show is a constant in my life, and I would be remiss not to share it with my fellow 20 somethings. It has me laughing out loud, up to date on pop culture news, and when the world is crumbling down around me, I always have my favorite millennial morning show to keep me alive and well. A toast to the wild ones!

Zachary Reality

I was introduced to @zacharyreality by mutual friends, and it has been incredible to watch him take over Tik Tok this past year. He is known for his tea and hot takes, especially for Bachelor Nation. He is an example of how future reporters and correspondents will be discovered and how integral TikTok and other social media platforms are to the process. Look out, Ryan Seacrest; @zacharyreality is coming for all of your jobs in 2022.


@girlbosstown is one of my most recent follows on this list- but no less one of my favorite accounts, especially as a PR junky myself. Robyn is redefining what it means to make a name for yourself and how social media has the power to change your life quite literally overnight. There was no secret formula; she was just herself while showcasing her creativity, which became her strategy for creating her dream career. She is an iconic example of paving your path as a twenty-something, and we can all look up to her in 2022.

The Moral Hangover

Proud to confirm that @themoralhangover was one of the top podcasts I listened to in 2021, and this will, without a doubt, be repeated in 2022. Friends of DD, the ladies of @themoralhangover, get it. They understand what it's like being in your 20s and Sunday Scaries far too well. This past year the girls have delivered with incredible guests, asking hard-hitting questions, and making us all believe in our dreams.

(Link to DD interview with The Moral Hangover girls here.)


Up Next Designer

One of the most inspirational accounts of 2021 was, without a doubt, @upnextdesigner and founder @albertayal is also a 20 something. He is another example on this list of an individual redefining societal norms and turning the fashion industry on its head. Unknown designers featured on his account are connected with the who's who of Hollywood, the music industry, and beyond. The connections made from the @upnextdesigner account gives exposure to a designer that a publicist could only dream of. If you are interested in art or fashion, this follow is a no-brainer.

Remi Bader

Remi Bader will be why your favorite brands will become more inclusive within the next 5-10 years. No doubt. Her Tik Toks and millions of followers (@remibader) have changed her life and shown us all the growth needed in the fashion industry. She is 100% herself and shows us her realistic hauls, which have personally impacted my journey towards self love. I can't wait to see what is next for Remi and on behalf of anyone who has ever felt alone or at war with their body; thank you.


The Conversationalist

I can not recommend following @theconversationalist on Instagram enough. Not only does it provide information in real-time, but the concept behind the community will influence news for years to come. Having conversations is at the core of this platform, and it promotes reporting on issues from a neutral point of view and then having open conversations to hear voices from both sides. Founder @sophiebergen is a fellow twenty-something who is changing the world for the better, one discussion at a time. Stay tuned for her new series POVs, coming in 2022.

Girl and the Gov

If you are interested in learning more about politics but feel overwhelmed by traditional media outlets, @girlandthegov is a great page to follow. We love their idea of rebranding politics and, of course, their target on millennials and GenZ, unlike most news sources. Although 20 somethings are known for our opinions, we are not known for our voter turnout. They also have a podcast @girlandthegovthepodcast that is perfect for anyone on the go—looking forward to doing an exclusive interview with the girls in 2022.


Nasim Lahbichi

My favorite account to follow for recipe inspiration (and Lizzo's, too) is @lahbco on Instagram and Tik Tok. If making colorful and mouth-wateringly gorgeous food isn't reason enough to view his content, commentary, and healthy options always keeps me interested and excited to go to the grocery store. As a twenty-something living in New York, he shares unique recipes that I even feel I could recreate. A must-follow for healthy recipes to start your new year off right.

The Vip List

They are known for their iconic voiceovers, @TheVipList, and their influence is hard to miss on social media. DD interviewed @megradice and @audreyjongens last year, and since then, the brand has continued to skyrocket. What started as a fun hobby in quarantine has quickly grown into a business that will undoubtedly expand significantly in this next year. As two recent grads, Meg and Audrey highlight what the next generation of food critics looks like in a social media world.

(Link to DD interview with The VIP List Ceos and Co-founders here.)


The Sleep Doctor

In 2021, a highlight for DD was undoubtedly having @thesleep_md come on for an interview on how twenty-something (and anyone) can improve their sleep. In addition to being the first doctor interviewed on our site, she left us all with tangible practices to help improve all our sleep schedules. If you are looking to improve your sleep in the new year, following along with Dr. Angela Bell on

@thesleep_md on Instagram is the perfect place to start.

(Link to interview with Dr. Angela Holiday Bell, here.)

Maddie Costantino

One of our most-read articles in 2021 was DD's feature with @maddiecostfitlife, and for a good reason- she is full of positivity, tips, and tricks for a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, she promotes realistic goals through balance regarding health and wellness. Most recently, she started working with Free People Movement, and it is obvious that this is just the beginning for the recent college graduate. While many health and wellness influencers focus on the unattainable, Maddie shows that being authentic and herself is the key to her success.

(Link to interview with Maddie, here.)

Lost Got Found

DD's advice column with @lostgotfound founder @emilytorchiana was and still is one of the most vulnerable pieces we have ever published. In Emily's vulnerability throughout said piece, the importance of @lostgotfound, a community that promotes mental health, is emphasized. Going into 2022, it is without a doubt that Emily will continue making a difference with her organization and inspiring others to be open and honest about their experiences with mental health.

(Link to the conversation with Emily here.)

Most Importantly...

YOU! Because we are all individuals to watch, even if somedays it doesn't feel like it. We all have the power to make 2022 an incredible year.


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